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Kin Charter

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:37 am    Post subject: Kin Charter Reply with quote


Nusilme has trust in and loyalty with all its members.
All members are trusted that they will...
Stick to the LOTRO T's & C's

Be seen, be friendly, be helpfull, ask yourself why you joined a kin, if it is for personal gain then we don't want you, kinships are about socialising and having fun together while playing.

Always think of the kin first whether you need help on a quest, armour run etc, offer your loot to the KIN before placing on AH

Ask for help politely when you need it, DO NOT expect help there and then, if you can't get a group speak to an Officer, sometimes the best solution is to post for help on the forum and then arrange time and dates.

We do not mind foul language, we do not mind jokes, we do not mind taking the piss, we will however not stand for discrimination based on race, religion, creed, sexuality, sexual orientation or age, this can result in a WARNING but we will not hesitate to kick anyone who greatly insults anyone except for Anar who is to be beasted at every opportunity by decree of the kin leadership.

Endeavour to be active on kinship forums.

Endeavour to take full part in the kinship, help your kinmates and you will find you will receive help.

While grouped, when class specific items drop [BoA items] only players currently playing that class have priority to take them, if that class is NOT present it will be a FREE ROLL, please do not roll on everything for the sake of it, if you have an alt that could use an item ASK the group, but priority always goes to the players in that group. Officers/Leaders of the group will have the final say on distribution of loot, DO NOT just take an item for the sake of having it or if you are unsure if you will use it.

When you turn up at raids come prepared, slot the traits you want and make sure you have repaired and have pots, all pots are easily obtained be they morale, power, poison etc.

On some raids we will use Teamspeak, please download this ready and ask for details for logon, when we use Teamspeak we all use it, if you don't have it you may be asked to leave the raid.

Items in the kinhall are for kin use, if any of the items are given out from the kinhall and found on the AH this will be considered theft from the kin. (automatic dismissal)

Items in the Kinhall come from kin members to help all, remember to send in your class items, books, pages etc that you don't need.

Flaming of anyone in any form on kinchat, OOC, Forums etc will not be tolerated and you will receive a WARNING, try to talk to the person / persons involved. If this does not work go one step up to a officer, if this does not solve it Send an ingame mail to the guild leader and wait for a response before you act any further, you should consider if it is really that important before taking the last step.

Let an Officer know if you are leaving the game or becoming inactive for any reason. Failure to do this may result in loss of member status.

Most importantly have fun and remember it is a game.

If anyone sees any of the above not being followed please bring it to the attention of an officer.

Your Officers are here to help everyone and to maintain the guidlines.
Officers WILL give you a WARNING as and when they see fit, this will be discussed between available officers at the time and this will be logged.
If you receive TWO WARNINGS within a 30 day period you will NOT recieve another, you will be dismissed from the kin automatically at the THIRD incident without a warning.

We are a kin and we want t have fun, many will not like this charter but it is for the benefit of the kin family and like many big families, rules and regs must be outlined and adhered to.
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