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Adventure packs for DDO

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:50 am    Post subject: Adventure packs for DDO Reply with quote

A little info about some of the adventure packs available. Taken from a site for seasoned players Shocked for someone about level 8.

- Three Barrel Cove (3-10) 650 TPs

If you're running a Rogue, this is a good pack to have. It gives Free Agent
favor, which gets you access to the Free Agent Thieves' Tools, which are
almost a must-have. Otherwise, not worth the cost for the content, IMHO.

- Necropolis Part 1 (4-10) 250 TPs

This pack is generally worth having, particularly if you think you want to
pursue the Silver Flame amulet (which is a good piece of gear to have).
The adventures can be soloed at level with a hireling, and then you have
the first stage of your Amulet created.

- Sorrowdusk Island (6-13) 400 TPs

This is a decent pack, with two complete quest chains spanning a lot
of levels. Not a priority, though.

- Devil's Assault (7-19) 150 TPs

Skip it.

- Sentinels of Stormreach (7-13) 450 TPs

I actually just got this recently and ran through it. Enjoyed it, and
it drops some loot that is very much in demand right now
(Torn Chitin Bracers). I've made a ton of plat off the AH selling those
bracers. And you're just at the right level to run it.

- Ruins of Threnal (7-13) 550 TPs

Hard to get a group for this one. I had the pack for ages before I
came across a PUG one night that did the whole chain on Hard in
about 3 hours. Finally got a Mantle, and it was totally worth the wait.
Very, very hard to solo many of these quests, and since it's hard to
find a group - I'd say pass.

- The Vault of Night (10-20) 800 TPs

Varied and interesting quest series, with the first dragon raid you can
generally get, level-wise. Given the cost, not a priority.

- Necropolis Part 2 & 3 (8-16) 350 TPs each (I know these are not ones to get!)

Generally, the sentiment holds that these are not particularly great packs.
The deal here is that you need to run the end quest of one of these to
upgrade your Silver Flame Amulet to the second tier, where it becomes
actually useful (Deathblock and 5 charges of prevent level drain - key
for fighting beholders). I have them both, and don't bother running the
flagging quests - someone will put up an LFM for the end quests at some
point, and you just jump in and get your amulet upgrade.

- The Restless Isles (9-13) 600 TPs

Other than Necro3, this is one of my least favorite packs. It just isn't
any fun.

- The Demon Sands (10-20) 800 TPs (This one I have had my eye on already...)

And so we come to the payoff. The Sands are just a great pack. You
can farm good loot and XP in the explorer area, and then there are a
large number of quests and a RAID. You will totally get your money's
worth with this one. Although I have a rule never to buy a pack unless
it's on sale, I'd totally pull the trigger on Sands at full price.
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