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Isenguard Lvl 65+ Skills + Minstrel Changes + Stat Changes

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:52 pm    Post subject: Isenguard Lvl 65+ Skills + Minstrel Changes + Stat Changes Reply with quote

For those who read Orions Blog you've probably already seen this as this is where i get it from.

Link to his Blogs
Another Useful Link i found After i wrote all this (It has links to everything so far that has been seen about ROI)

Anyway looks like Minstrels are getting completely overhauled (just when i take time out to fucking level one....)
I am not gonna go over it fully as i cannot be arsed but it does look interesting.

As for new skills it looks like we're getting like 1 new skill and 4 upgrades... yey.... (sarcasm as much as possible there) though these changes might be nice (2 of them i saw were old traits they decided to delete and replace as skill upgrades way to go turbine)

Anyway... These don't seem to be 100% confirmed but i guess most if not all will probably stay (minstrels most likely to change as class is being overhauled) Feel free to post more if you find them.

First Minstrels :

Improved Song of Aid (66): Enhancements formerly found in the Heralded Saviour trait are moved into the improved version of the skill.

(Cure Fear is now called Words of Courage)
Improved Words of Courage(66): Affects target and up to 3 targets within 12 meters of that target.

Improved Enlivening Grace (6Cool: Removes defeat from all fellowship members within 25 meters of the minstrel.

Improved song of Distraction (70): Now affects up to 3 targets

Improved Chord of Salvation (72): Functions as Chord of Salvation currently does and applies an HoT to up to 3 targets near the initial target. The HoT is minor, but increased by all healing bonuses.

Improved Cry of the Valar (74): Applies a small HoT to the minstrel and fellow members within 12 meters of the minstrel.

No sign of a new Skill here but maybe they just haven't released that yet but i wouldn't put it passed them skipping minstrel due to all the other changes they are getting.

Full Details of Captain & LM


Improved Sure Strike - On a successful hit, reduces the active cooldown of Battle-shout by 2 seconds.

Improved Grave Wound - When striking a target affected by Cutting Attack, leaves the Cutting Attack DoT on the target and adds a second DoT.

Song-brother - Functions like Shield-brother, except the skills Inspire, Strength of Will and To Arms function differently. Inspire: Melee Attack plus a power-over-time heal. Strength of Will: -10% Reduced Power Cost for Healing. To Arms: +25% Outgoing Healing for 10 seconds.

Improved Cutting Attack - Target receives a -25% Movement Speed debuff for 20 seconds.

Blade-brother - Functions like Shield-brother, except the skills Inspire, Strength of Will and To Arms function differently. Inspire: Melee Attack plus a power-over-time heal. Strength of Will: -10% Reduced Threat from Damage. To Arms: +25% Damage for 10 seconds.
§ Note: The Shield-brother version of “To Arms” has been changed to -15% Incoming Damage for 10s.

Our new skills seem to be "Blade Brother and Song Brother", ie Sheild Brother reworked to suit more classes


Improved Sign of Power: Command - Becomes an AoE which can affect multiple targets.

Improved Staff-sweep - For each target hit, the Lore-master receives a stacking buff increasing critical hit chance of their next Fire skill by 33%. Upon scoring a crit strike with a Fire skill, the buffs are removed.

Friend to Aurochs - Summons an Aurochs as a pet.

Improved Sign of the Wild: Rage - Now also provides 10% Damage bonus,

Improved Burning Embers - The DoT portion of the skill can now stack multiple times.

New Tanking Pet by the looks of it, Auroch, bye bye bear.

These have not been confirmed but hinted at by Orion in a blog
Riddle - potentially no longer breaking stealth when used.

Counter Defence - affecting both ranged and tactical incoming critical chances

Sneak - potentially making surprise strike a 100% chance from stealth

Subtle Stab - potentially lowering the cooldown of Mischievous Delight bu 5 seconds for each successful hit.

Startling Twist - potentially allowing up to 3 “Tricked” targets


Potential Improved Skills

Deft Strike, Goad and Defensive Strike improved to allow a chance to trigger potency.

Javelin-toss, adding a light DoT (Mighty Blow could remove this DoT for increased damage)

Plus Potential new Gambits.

Stat Changes
Link to Stat Changes =

Ok now for the Stat Changes! They have removed Cap on all Primary Stats and Increased the Cap for Block/Parry/Evade and Incoming Healing to 25% (saying it is near impossible to get it without substantial loss in other needed stats)
Also increase in the Tactical Offense + Resistance + Outgoing Healing to 50%

All Resistances as stats will be counted under one name "Resistance" Which counts for all Disease/Fear/Wound etc etc (some skills still effect the individual counts but as a stat its one)

Tactical Mitigations have also been consolidated into one stat same as Resistance, so no need for individual Acid/Lightning/Fire resistance anymore (again some skills still effect individual but stat is as one)

Critical Hit Ratings is also consolidated, no more needing specific Melee crit items, or Ranges Crit items, it will all be one stat now.

Also Class Offence Ratings will be mostly based on that class' primary stat but multiplied by 10 this includes the offense ratings not usually received. Ie Minstrels get Melee Offense from Will, Hunters get Melee from Agility and Wardens get Ranged from Might.

Will is for Loremaster/Runekeeper/Minstrel
Agililty is for Hunters/Burglars
Might is for Guardians/Wardens/Champions

Captains are Unaffected by these changes.

We also Receive a new Stat which by the looks of things is their way of Semi "Gating" Raids and Instances but not to the extent of Radience.

New Stat – Finesse

Finesse is a ratings-based stat that will directly reduce the Resistance of monsters as well as their Block/Parry/Evade ratings. This stat will appear primarily on instance/raid/pvmp loot but there will be a few pieces available with Finesse from quests and crafting.

This new stat is a two sided weapon because monsters will have access to it also. Most landscape monsters won’t have much if any Finesse but expect high difficulty instance/raid Boss monsters to have quite a bit.

i.e if you don't have this stat you wont be able to hit mobs in the raids much, ie grind instance gear before you do raids

Anyway there goes my update so far, might do more if anything interesting or just have links to all the stuff if anyone finds anything i'm missing or made a mistake please post and ill update Smile Hope more than just 2/3 people still read this forum or i have just wasted a lot of time Razz
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 4:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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