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Kin Chest Contents

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:21 am    Post subject: Kin Chest Contents Reply with quote

Class quest items list, where possible I have also listed the amount we have as well as the class who requires it and where to obtain the item. Items come in a go out fast guys,but will do my best to keep the list as accurate as possible.

Please post items to Starsprite, ( but any other toon will pass them on

UPDATED Friday 23 rd October

code Green we have, Red we need

Main Items needed from either CD or URU.

2 Ashen Gorthorog Horn needed by Minstrels / Runekeepers
3 Rune of Evil Presence needed by Loremasters / Wardens
3 Bloodstained Tally Stick needed by Champions / Warden, URU

2 Medallion of Passage needed by Captains / Hunters,,CD

2 Goblin Badge of Rank needed by Burglars / Loremasters / Minstrels
2 Cruel Talon of Azgoth needed by Burglars
1 Emblem of Ritual needed by Loremasters / Minstrels
2 Badge of Command needed by Captains / Runekeepers,,URU
3 Insignia of Battle needed by Champion / Burglar / Hunters,,URU

1 Crimson Gorthorog Horn needed by Guardian / Warden

3 Flawless Scale of Lhugrien needed by Champion / Guardians

1 Sigil of War needed by Champions / Guardians / Runekeepers
2Warg-keepers token
0 Rune of Winged Dominance needed by Runekeepers / Hunters/ Minstresl,,CD

0 Putrid Slime of Helchgam needed by Captians / Loremasters / Hunters
1 Teeth of the Gorthorog needed by Captains / Wardens

Random Items Needed obtained all over the place including CD and URU.

30 Clouded Worm Eye needed by Hunter / Minstrel
30 Hateful Worm Eye needed by Burglar / Captain / Loremaster
30 Hooked Warg Claw needed by Guardian / Runekeeper
26 Unyielding Drake Scale needed by Burglar / Guardian
30 Grisly Bat Talon needed by Captains / Guardians / Minstrels
30 Mottled Spider Mandible needed by Champion / Guardian
30 Coiled Spider Spinneret needed by Captains / Wardens
30 Corroded Neekerbreeker Horn needed by Captains / Hunters / Runekeeper
30 Revered Wight Remains needed by Loremaster / Minstrel / warden
30 Putrid Fingernail needed by Hunter / Loremasters

10 Venomous Dread Turtle Beak needed by Burglars / Hunters

30 Corrosive Droplets needed by Minstrel / Runekeeper
30 Gem-encrusted Nail needed by Guardains / Wardens
30 Barbed Barghest Tail needed by Champions / Wardens
30 Glossy Cave-Claw Skin needed by Burglar / Hunter
30 Splintered Warg Claw needed by Champions / Minstrels
30 Bubbling Droplets needed by Champions / Loremasters
14 Rotted Barghest paw needed by Champions and Runekeepers

Brilliant start guys, keep it up and lets see more Green and a lot less Red

(now using the [.item][./item] (without . )
Starrchild 60 RK

Shiroma lrm 60
Starburst Minstrel 60
Starlighter Hunter 60
Starfighter Captain 60
Starsprite Guardian 38 = kin banker
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